Go Ahead. Judge Me.

JUDGE : form an opinion or conclusion about.
synonyms: form the opinion, concludedecide;

regard as, look on as, take to be, rate as, class as;
informal: reckonfigure

You hear people say it, “Don’t judge me”. The reality is, we all judge others. It is only human, based on personality, upbringing, environment, belief systems, experiences. Most people will never transcend to the level of zero judgement. I’m sure there are some who believe they are so enlightened and prophetic that they are above a common humanoid trait. I would probably be judging them while they think they are not passing judgment on me. No one likes to know they are being judged but are naive to think it’s not going on everyday, all the time.

If we didn’t care how others judged us, we wouldn’t be bound by what would be considered material objects like cars, jewelry, homes and even electronics. The 35 billion dollar cosmetic industry would be in chapter 11. Don’t even get me started on elective surgery, you know what kind I mean. Some people would not wait in line for hours to get into the ‘hottest nightclubs’. Every overweight person would have no problem walking down the beach in a bikini. Brilliant kids wouldn’t hide in the bathroom because they can do trigonometry in their sleep but can’t throw a football.

There is a definition for ‘judge’, but there is no definition for how to get there. It doesn’t say HOW to form an opinion or conclusion. It doesn’t say consider all the facts then judge. It doesn’t say take into account why, who, what, where and when. Judging is a knee jerk reaction. That’s why people don’t want to be judged. It seems pretty arrogant, self-serving and ignorant.

It would serve society better if we could gather the information, process it than ‘reckon or figure’ whether or not that person gets our judgment. If that is the standard than I say go ahead, judge me. See me, hear me, know me and judge away. Because even if you deem me lazy, faking, melodramatic or just plain nuts, you will be walking away with knowledge of this sucky disease called sarcoidosis. You will have a greater understanding of chronic illness. You are entitled to judge me after you hear my circumstances and the hourly, daily, monthly, yearly effect they have on me.

I say bring it on…

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