Somethin’ for Nothin’

Call me old-fashioned. Participation trophies are just that. Empty, hollow gestures that literally suck the lessons out of competition, excelling and the satisfaction of being the best. Second place is first loser.

Not politically correct? I don’t care.

There is nothing better for the development of someone’s character to feel the thrill of winning and the agony of defeat. It is something to be learned early in life to give balance to an individual that will face many trials in the years to come. Awards, accolades and certificates are all earned throughout a lifetime. Reprimands, probations and poor performance are also earned.

I remember getting black circle stickers on my song book from my horrid piano teacher when he felt I hadn’t practiced enough. I also remember getting pulled out of the pool by my dad, when I couldn’t move my legs because I had just swam the race of my young life and beat my 6 year old nemesis with the blond pig tails. There are many examples in my life where I have failed tremendously and succeeded brilliantly. Each experience has earned me character.

Now that I am a sicky sarky, I am grateful for all those losses and all those wins. It makes me appreciate when I overcome a particularly bad day and makes me work harder when I can’t quite get to the finish line. You wouldn’t think as an adult that we still need to prove ourselves but we do. That is a lesson learned early. Nothing is free. Nothing comes without a price, good or bad. Nothing is achieved for just showing up.

I just started this blog a little over a week ago and I have been working hard on it, given my condition. I was surprised at how pleased it made me when my blog gave me kudos.

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You see even a blog can recognize when someone is motivated. Maybe the blog is smarter than some in this society that would deprive people of advancement by their own true grit.

Also know that I am not comparing encouragement to the lame gesture of participation trophies. It is important for all people to do their best. The only way to push their limits is to feel pain, loss, discomfort and,  yes,  sometimes humiliation. My grandparents felt it, my parents felt, I felt it and still do at times.

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