The Love of a Funny Guy

dad goof

My Dad. Other than co-giving me the gift of life, he passed on a strange, wicked, often misunderstood sense of humor.

It appears he had a funny bone starting as a child. I didn’t realize this character trait until I was an adult. We were sitting, watching tv and we just started to crack eachother up, bouncing witty, sarcastic, mean, funny comments back and forth. I laughed so hard I almost wet myself. That’s the moment I recognized that we were two ‘pees’ in a pod.


Thinking back to my childhood, he was a bit of a joker. He loved to tell stories that were in a word, bullshit. Of course, I always believed him. Outrageous, off the wall, weird stuff. Stories designed to to gross me out, freak me out, sometimes scare me, and some that were just plain entertaining. And, not just stories, he would skew situations just enough to not quite know what the truth was.


I can’t help but mention, that during part of my childhood, my dad owned a septic pumping business. Anyone that deals with other peoples crap all day has an endless supply of ‘whole nudda leval” bathroom humor. He enjoyed picking me up from Jr.High in the poop truck. No shame at all, he would pull right to the front of the school, and blow the horn. Of course it took me many years to laugh about that one. He would tell me that poo puts clothes
on my my back and food on our table, ewww, right? That’s my Dad.


Two months before I got sick, he was diagnosed with Parkinsons. That was a bitter pill to swallow. The upside is the endless self-depricating humor we share about both our diseases. Not a day goes by that we don’t laugh through our tears. When I have pain in my legs, he tells me he can slap my head and take my mind off them. When he flys food from his tremors, I can blame him for starting a food fight. We mutually provide eachother the
appreciation of a sick sense of humor.


Sometimes we are the only ones laughing, while others stare at us in either disbelief or disdain. My mom does the ‘shushing’ but is usually not successful. I truly believe that humor has kept me from going nuts most days. A lot of people blame their parents for screwing them up. I , however, am grateful for the life my dad has given me, filled with laughter and kindness.


So, here’s to my Dad, a funny guy who loves his kid.

Some things never change.

Some things never change.


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