The ‘REAL’ Reefer Madness


Medical Marijuana. Wow. What a controversy.

As a sufferer of an incurable disease that causes a whole laundry list of symptoms to include pain, tremors, and migraines, it seems to me that MM is a no-brainer.

I can only talk about Neurosarcoidosis because that is what I suffer from. The numerous meds used to treat (not cure) this disease are often times detrimental to our bodies. Most of us have mitigating meds to treat side effects of primary meds. Some of us have gone round after round of different meds to only fail at relief from our symptoms. Most often chronic patients are such because those meds fail us.

There is a medicine out there that has gotten good results for chronically ill persons but it is called a drug, an illegal drug at that. That is the ‘real’ reefer madness.

I don’t want to talk about the legalities of it. I want to talk about the awareness, the moral obligation of our society to take care of our sick, the humanity shown when one is able to relieve the suffering of another human being. I don’t care about the 60’s drug culture, I don’t care about street thugs, I care about the souls that are out of options in treating their conditions. I care about the debilitating, and sometimes fatal side effects of some pharmaceuticals. I care about the innate idea that sick people should be able to get relief naturally. I care about MM.

The ‘real’ reefer madness is not having compassion and empathy for the daily life of the chronically ill.

The ‘real’ reefer madness is the ignorance of not thinking that this could be you someday. I certainly did not ever imagine that I would have to live my life now as I do.

The ‘real’ reefer madness is not doing your own research and forming your own opinion and asking yourself, “what if it was my loved one, my friend, or ME?’

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