Double “ohh ohh” Seven

Photo by Mark Arbeit  Kauai, Hawaii

Photo by Mark Arbeit Kauai, Hawaii


So I’m sitting at Hanalei Bay this morning. The waves are softly lapping. The wind is slightly breezing. My caveman is quietly grunting. Life is good…

Then it got better.

Along came Pierce Brosnan. My caveman has worked in a professional capacity with him, but I never had the pleasure of ANY capacity with him. What follows is our conversation (slight artistic licence invoked):

Me (to James Bond): Hi

James Bond: Hi. Well aren’t you a lovely gal?

Me: Well thank you. Can I take you home?

Him: *laughs*

Me: So, is this your daily walking routine? (OMG, Now I’m a stalker)

Him: No. I don’t have a routine, I like to mix it up a bit. *as he licks his lips*

Me: Oh yes! shaken, not stirred! (I think I’m so clever)

Him: *laughs*

Me thinking: I made James Bond laugh…twice…

Him thinking: What a fantastic creature…

Me: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, can you say it?!

Him: Oh sure, anything for a big beautiful girl like you.

Him: It’s Bond…James Bond

I hear a grunt and a snort to the left of me. Ah well, Have a great day James.

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4 Responses to Double “ohh ohh” Seven

  1. Donna Scheffel says:

    Love it. Bet it really made your day.


  2. Kevin says:

    Good story! I remember back in high school when he was on Kauai. I so wanted to be like him (that was pre-Bond days….Remington Steele days I think). He always was a cool gent.

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